BIG Engineer's Objectivity Questioned in Haverford

At the behest of Haverford attorney James Byrne, Michael Tantala addressed questions surrounding his objectivity and the safety of the proposed Haverford billboards.

HAVERFORD–In a continuation of a July 21 hearing, the Bartkowski Investment Group (BIG) engineer Michael Tantala delivered three additional hours of testimony regarding his approval of five billboards proposed to go in Haverford Township, Thursday night at a meeting of the Haverford Township Zoning and Hearing Board.

Tantala has approved 13 billboards to be put up in the area—five in Haverford Township, five in Springfield and three in —. Haverford attorney James Byrne attempted to call Tantala's objectivity into question.

Byrne established that Tantala's firm Tantala Associates LLC is a member of, and has "preferred supplier" status, in an organization called the United States Sign Council (USSC)—a group whose stated purpose is to advance the business interests of sign shop owners.

Tantala got hired to evaluate Haverford's proposed signs without admitting this affiliation, though he argued that he didn't realize he was a member until July 20, of this year when it was revealed during a previous hearing. Tantala also argued that while his firm is a member, he technically may not be.

Read the full recap on Haverford's BIG hearing on Haverford-Havertown Patch here.

's Zoning Hearing Board on the billboards with BIG will continue at a scheduled special meeting on Sept. 14 at 7 p.m.

Jim September 17, 2011 at 06:11 PM
Billboards can be very useful tools when it comes to safety,especially the video ones that change ever 10 seconds or so.I hope BIG installs these particular ones on West Chester Pike and Lancaster AVE.Chief John Viola of the Brookline Fire CO. had one installed in front of his fire house, if you want to see what a video billboard looks like, before Mr. Big puts them up,the brookline Firehouse is at Darby RD. and Kathemere Rd. in Havertown.Take a ride by, I think you;ll like what you see. I always liked Billboards,remember the one on Rio Grande Ave.The coppertown ad, in Wildwood?.SWWWIIGGG! That;s was BIG to a little kid in the early sixties. The zoning commission already passed the variance for the billboard in front of the Brookline Firehouse.The Township already shot themselves in the foot.These guys are'nt the sharpest knives in the draw.


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