Broomall Gas Delinquent in Payment of Mercantile Tax

Marple Township Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a payment agreement between the township and Broomall Gas Station in addition to approving parking restrictions and signage requests around town.

BROOMALL– Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the installation payment agreement and confession of judgment with personal guarantee between the township and Vaibhavi and Brinda, Inc.–which is doing business as –for the payment of delinquent mercantile taxes, including penalty and interest, for the years 2007 through 2010, as recommended by the Director of Finance Ed O'Lone.

Broomall Gas owed a total of $51,174.42 in delinquent mercantile taxes, but the township has already received $16,154.17 of those taxes upfront, Hamaday said.

Broomall Gas also owes an additional $9,235.82 in penalty and interest, Hamaday said.

The business owner got behind on his taxes because his accountant was not calculating the taxes correctly, Hamaday said.

Parking Restrictions On Verona Road, New Ardmore Avenue

In another matter, the board voted unanimously to give township officials permission to advertise an ordinance which, if approved, would create parking restrictions in two areas: 1. the west side of Verona Road and 2. both sides of New Ardmore Avenue at West Chester Pike.

Township Manager Anthony Hamaday said the proposed parking restrictions on Verona Road would stretch just over 100 feet from Sonia Lane to James Road.

Hamaday said “cars parked adjacent to each other (on Verona Road) can make the road very narrow.”

The proposed restrictions on New Ardmore Avenue, “in a sense, takes care of commercial properties,” Hamaday said.

Advertising Community Signage Requests Approved

The board also unanimously approved the advertising signage requests of the 's annual upcoming carnival in late April to early May, the Broomall Rotary Club's annual Junior Olympics and the annual Marple Community Band concert on April 14 at 7 p.m. 

Approval of the request permits the local community organizations to advertise their events by placing limited signage on various properties.


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