Marple Department Heads Make Their Cases For 2013 Budget

The Marple Township Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday morning to further discuss the 2013 budget.

BROOMALL–A few department heads from Marple Township made their case Tuesday morning before the Board of Commissioners as to why they asked for the amount they did in the 2013 general fund budget.

Last week, the township projected a 7.2 percent tax increase. The general fund will fall short by about $1.1 million, according to officials.

Based off of real estate taxes, the tax increase, trash pickup, the Paxon Hollow golf rates and sewer fees have a projected revenue of about $15.3 million. The township expects to spend about $16.3 million.

In addition, various departments showed up on Tuesday to justify their budget requests.

Fire Department

"Trouble is that our other costs have skyrocketed," said Jim Capuzzi, president of the Broomall Fire Company.

One of the noted increased expenses, which was consistent throughout other departments, was gas prices.

In addition to general costs rising–with general equipment as well as gas–the fire company will need a truck within the next couple of years.

Capuzzi said that could cost as much as $800,000.

Police Department

The police department is requesting three new vehicles–two marked police cars and one unmarked administrative car.

Additionally, money is being allocated toward a combined animal control effort with Haverford.

Public Works

Ed Cross, director of public works, said there's funding for three different projects in his budget, but only one is absolutely needed.

The Meadowbrook Lane sewer system desperately needs to be replaced, said Cross. The approximate cost for the sewer system will be $20,000.


To continue improvements on the Marple Public Library, officials are asking for money to redo the meeting room as well as gain access to more book funding.

"Libraries have lost over 95,000 from the state about five years ago," said a representative from the library. "We’ve never quite made that up and we’re busier than ever and we’re looking to increase our hours."


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