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DCCC Seeks Waiver Request To Build Pole Barn

The community college is hoping to seek a waiver request to build a 30x60 feet pole barn on its Marple campus.

BROOMALL– is seeking a land development waiver request from to build a storage shelter on the college's Marple campus behind the tennis courts.

"This is an association with the construction of a pole barn they need for storage of materials," explained Township Manager Anthony Hamaday.

The proposed barn is expected to be approximately 30x60-feet. According to Hamaday, the college has a policy in which they are not allowed to throw away any equipment. The college must either sell it or store it, in which case they are hoping to store it in the pole barn.

Because the pole barn is considered a non-residential structure, the college is seeking a land development waiver request from the planning code.

However, not all the commissioners were happy to hear about another request from the college in town.

Promises Unfulfilled

According to Hamaday, when the college built the brand new 105,000 square-foot STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Center on its campus, the college had promised to include landscaping buffers between the school and the homes nearby. In addition, residents and officials had objected to the color of the building.

"Maybe that arrogant person should come back to the meeting that was here last fall, and have him do the things they promsied to do last fall," responded 5th Ward Commissioner John Longacre upon hearing the waiver request.

The township approved the $60 million project to build the new STEM Center but when asked to create some landscaping buffers between their residential neighbors, they responded they had no money, according to Longacre.

"So, where are they getting the money for the pole barn?" asked Longacre to Hamaday. "The neighbors want a nice fence, not cheap stuff. Tell him, 'no way' until the neighbors get what they were promised from the last project."

Hamaday said the commissioners would be able to make that as a requirement for this project.

In addition to the lack of fences and buffers, Longacre said residents near the college have also been complaining about the weekend construction that has been occurring at the school which has been creating a lot of noise.

Jan Ceton, 2nd Ward commissioner and a member of the township's Historical Board, also weighed in about the college's request. Ceton touched upon the recent decision to tear down the historic Pond House on the campus.

"Also, they want to tear down the barn that's there and put up a barn. And that barn is still part of the historic resource," said Ceton. "So, rather than restoring the barn, they want to tear it down and put up a new one."

"Yeah, because it's cheaper," piped in Longacre.

Next Steps

Hamaday confirmed to do a walk-through of the area and report back to the board of his findings on the buffer situation between the school and its residential neighbors.

"If they didn't get it done now, they better get this done before they try to get this waiver," said Hamaday.

According to Hamaday, the college is hoping to build the pole barn in June.


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