DCCC Withdraws Pole Barn Waiver Request

It was announced at a Marple Township Board of Commissioners meeting on June 11 that Delaware County Community College has withdrawn its waiver request to construct a pole barn on its campus.

BROOMALL–At Monday night's Board of Commissioners meeting, the board accepted s request to withdraw a land development waiver request for its proposed pole barn construction project.

When the board asked 5th Ward Commissioner John Longacre II why the waiver request had been withdrawn, he stated it was because college officials did not want to meet with him.

“The neighbors are upset about what’s going on over there and they (the college officials) don’t want to discuss the issues,” Longacre said.

The college sought a waiver request from the planning code to construct a pole barn, a non-residential accessory structure.

The proposed barn would have been located behind the tennis courts and housed equipment which the college is not allowed to throw away because of a school policy.

Township Manager Anthony Hamaday . A few members of the board, including Longacre and historic society liaison to the board 2nd Ward Commissioner Jan Ceton shared their disapproval of the college's waiver request at a meeting on May 7.

At a to build a pole barn.


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