Gradyville Rd. Bridge Expected For Completion By Mid-February 2013

Newtown township officials announced the Gradyville Road bridge may be repaired sooner than expected.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–Though talks about repairing the , a new timeline has come forth in which the bridge may see completion sooner than expected.

According to Engineer Eileen Nelson, a new set of updated plans, costs and schedule was sent to the township by Pennoni Associates Inc., the project engineers of the project, just prior to Monday night's Board of Supervisors meeting.

The updated schedule of completion has been scheduled for mid-February of next year, said Eileen. Previously, township officials had stated an anticipation date of approximately one year from the .

Nelson said the total cost for the project has been estimated for $800,000, in which PennDOT will pay 80 percent of that total and the township will pay the remaining 20 percent.

The detour will be reimbursed to the township and is part of the 20 percent township associated costs. Also included in the 20 percent associated costs is the design plan for the bridge.

Discussion was also made about opening up the road for temporary use to certain types of vehicles that may be able to access the road and possibly closing one lane of traffic, if the project took longer than expected. However, Nelson said the township decided not to go that route and decided to save those funds to completely shut down the bridge for repairs.

The costs to temporarily open up the road for one-lane travel have not been included in the plan, which would cost the township approximately $60,000, according to Nelson.

The bridge was immediately closed and a detour plan was in place on May 14 after an announcement was made at a supervisors meeting that the bridge was deemed dangerous.

The faulty bridge has been deteriorating over the years, and has now come to a point of "imminent failure," previously stated Supervisor John Nawn.


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