Local Candidates On Tuesday's Primary Ballot

The local races for committee chairs are uncontested in the Marple Newtown area but read on to find out who is on the ballot.

It's a big year for the presidential primary election, which hits Pennsylvania on Tuesday, April 24. Though the GOP presidential race has become somewhat heated over the past several months, GOP candidate Rick Santorum ended his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, several sources reported earlier this month.

Mitt Romney, who made a , is now likely to be the Republican presidential candidate in November. View a .

Locally, this year's primary election is geared towards installing the next committee party chairs for each district or precinct. There are no contested races in the Marple Newtown area. Each candidate listed is running for a 4-year term as committee chair for their respective township's ward/precinct.

In , there are 21 men and 21 women on the ballot to represent each precinct of each ward–one man, one woman for each–for the Republican party. In , there are eight men and eight women on the ballot to represent each precinct–one man, one woman for each–for the Republican party.

There are no local democratic party chairs in the Marple Newtown area running in this year's primary election. Read below for the full list of candidates on the ballot for the local GOP committee chairs:

GOP Committee Chairs For Marple

1st Ward, 1st Precinct

Joseph Rufo
Mary Anne Vechercofski

1st Ward, 2nd Precinct

John P. Capuzzi Jr.
Sherry-Lee McAuliffe

1st Ward, 3rd Precinct

Paul Pietropaolo
Sharon J. Capuzzi

2nd Ward, 1st Precinct

Neil Montague
HollyAnn Guerrera

2nd Ward, 2nd Precinct

Atsushi J. Baker
Julie Baker

2nd Ward, 3rd Precinct

David D. Leefson
Carmella M. Cichetti

3rd Ward, 1st Precinct

Anthony Martinicchio
Frances G. Leider

3rd Ward, 2nd Precinct

Lawrence O'Connor
Donna Justice

3rd Ward, 3rd Precinct

Robert Fortebuono
Elisa Foster

4th Ward, 1st Precinct

John Lucas
Donna Aquilino

4th Ward, 2nd Precinct

William Harvey
Barbara Harvey

4th Ward, 3rd Precinct

Bill Mayo
Susan Mayo

5th Ward, 1st Precinct

John R. Longacre II
Arpi D. Longacre

5th Ward, 2nd Precinct

Ira N. Kerber III
Nancy Hilden

5th Ward, 3rd Precinct

Daniel O. Koshy
Graison M. Daniel

6th Ward, 1st Precinct

Scott Hahn
Patricia A. Steger

6th Ward, 2nd Precinct

Peter Faga
Tiffany Carini Paolino

6th Ward, 3rd Precinct

Michael K. Molinaro
Karen L. Standen

7th Ward, 1st Precinct

Patrick V. Larkin Jr.
Susan E. Larkin

7th Ward, 2nd Precinct

Joe Mariano Jr.
Jamie Mariano

7th Ward, 3rd Precinct

Daniel D. Leefson
Ann McShane

GOP Committee Chairs For Newtown

1st Precinct

Jack Pund
Tracy Alberti

2nd Precinct

Leonard B. Altieri III
Denise Talley

3rd Precinct

Martin H. Milligan Jr.
Jen Sciulli

4th Precinct

Karl J. Keehn
Christine Newell

5th Precinct

Fred Dewey
Suzanne R. Wolanin

6th Precinct

Kevin Gallagher
Caitlyn A. Coogan

7th Precinct

Matthew A. Denucci IV
Janet Magargal

8th Precinct

Michael F. X. Gillin
Gilda Schwalb


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