Market Woes Make Planning Difficult For New Marple Emergency Services Building

Marple Board of Commissioners are wary after market plunge; plans for new emergency services building to be taken 'one step at a time.'

BROOMALL–In a cautious move, the voted to take their time on the proposed Emergency Services Facilities building as they let the tabled vote expire at the Aug. 8 meeting.

The after some board discussion surrounding the plans of the conjoined building. Several commissioners agreed that due to the current financial climate of the United States, it would be best for the township to take the project one step at a time by prioritizing the necessary features of the proposed building. 

Board of Commissioners President Michael Molinaro reiterated Monday night that he was "for the project," but the council needed to "figure out the scope of the project."

"When we interview with engineers and architects, we can get a myriad of opinions and figure out what's best for our township and our residents," said Molinaro.

First Ward Commissioner Trudy Riddell even proposed adding a referendum during local elections to poll the township residents on what they would like to see with the combined emergency services building that is projected to house the , , and the district courts. 

Commissioners Vice President John Lucas spoke out about the financial aspect of the project.

"My biggest concern is a stock market that went down over 600 points," Lucas said, adding that he knows the township has many elderly residents living on a fixed income that is in direct proportion to the market and he does not want to drive them out.

Casaccio Architects and MacCombie Engineers have been contracted to work on the estimated $15 million emergency services facility on a lot on the corner of North Malin Road and West Chester Pike.

At a the fire house would cost $7.4 million, the police station $4 million, the ambulance corps $3 million and $600,000 for a township building. With the sale of properties those facilities are presently on, a capitol campaign and grants, it was estimated that those costs could possibly come down to $11 million or, optimistically, $10 million.


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