Officials Discuss Vandalism Plan at Veterans Park

Marple Township officials discuss the recent increasing acts of vandalism that has occurred at Veterans Memorial Park in Broomall at a Board of Commissioners meeting on Oct. 1.

BROOMALL–Recent damages that occurred at Veterans Memorial Park in Broomall were brought up at Monday night's Marple Township Board of Commissioners meeting.

In late August, a group of eight teenagers rampaged through the park, destroying trees, benches and more during a late-night underage drinking party at the park, reports the the Delco News Network.

"It's a really beautiful park and it's very hurtful to come out to it and see beer cans, destroyed property and to see the tree that you've been taken care of for years totally destroyed," stated Neil Lipson, a member of the Marple Township Tree Commission before the commissioners at Monday night's meeting. 

Lipson, a retired electrical engineer, suggested having camers at the park and shared that he has offered his help to township in the possible installation of cameras.

According to Third Ward Commissioner Robert Fortebuono, Marple Police Chief Tom Murray has also suggested the idea of cameras at the park. "I think it's something to keep in mind," said Fortebuono.

"It's going to be used to stop the vandalism," said Lipson. "And this kind of thing can get more and more serious. These teenagers had nothing to gain with all this destruction."

Sixth Ward Commissioner and Board President Michael Molinaro noted that there is a little bit of vandalism in all of the township parks, including South Marple Little League where lights and trees have been previously found destroyed or damaged.

"This was an unfortunate incident where [eight] young men decided to have a little bit of too much fun, but fortunately our police department was right on it. Got all boys. The park will be put back to the way it was. I think one of the best ideas would be to let the boys do it as part of their community service," said Molinaro. "Hopefully it will be a lesson to not just the kids who did it but to everybody."

Molinaro said he hopes the township will be able to start an awareness program about the park and also reminded residents involved in town watch groups to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or vandalism incidents.

According to Molinaro, Home Depot has provided material and labor to fix up the park. Public Works Director Ed Cross confirmed as of Saturday, with the help from Home Depot, the park is now "back in place."


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