Newcomer Partridge Ousts Veteran Newtown Supervisor Houldin in Primaries

Edward Partridge won the Newtown Township GOP primary election May 17 against Linda Houldin.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–On May 17, 1,732 residents came out to vote for Republican newbie Edward Partridge in the GOP primary elections. Partridge won by an overwhelming 1,252 votes over his opponent long-time serving Supervisor Linda Houldin.

Partridge received 1,732 votes while Houldin trailed behind with 480 votes out of the 2,259 votes that were cast Tuesday in the township. There were a recorded 40 write-in democratic candidates and seven write-in republican candidates.

A current school board member for the , this is Partridge's first time running for the Board of Supervisors position.

Partridge, a 19-year resident of Newtown Square, is currently an employee of SAP America.

Although the toughest obstacle was over on Tuesday night, Partridge will still have to run in the general elections this fall. Although, he commented at his primary election party on Tuesday night at the Knights of Columbus that he felt "very confident."

If he is appointed as supervisor, Partridge said the first task at hand for him is to bring solidarity among the supervisors on the board.

"The first thing is bringing the board together and to go after the tough issues in town such as the sewers, traffic issues–we're going to have more traffic issues–and trimming the budget," said Partridge.

Partridge also promised to maintain and keep township taxes as low as possible and stands on an "open, honest government," according to his . 

Mike Gillin, Newtown Township's Republican Party chairman, was satisfied with the outcome and said he didn't doubt Partridge's victory.

"Just from the vibes I got from the committee in the last year, I knew there needed to be a change," said Gillin on Tuesday night at Partridge's victory party. "I think the people were angry in Newtown and have been for quite some time. The people spoke in Newtown."

Also at the primary party, the Republican Friends of Ed Partridge, gave a $1,000 scholarship to Cardinal O'Hara high school senior Nick Cocco for his "contributions to the committee."

Cocco said they went door-to-door every week since January to campaign for Partridge.

Leonard Altieri, 22, another young supporter for Partridge and the Student Government Association president at West Chester University, said this was the first local election he participated in and felt that it was much needed, especially in the township's current state.

"We are the future of Newtown Township," said Altieri. "Why would we contribute to the destruction that we're already in now? We're going to be the ones cleaning up the mess and Ed is a people's candidate. The citizens in Newtown Township kept the party in check."

Editor's note: Results do not include absentee, provisional, or remote military votes

Raymond Giuliani May 18, 2011 at 11:19 AM
I think the people of Newtown Township were angry not only at Linda Houldin, but also the system that created and supported her. A machine at any level of politics subverts the interest of the people for the interest of a few. Let's see if anything changes. Congratulations Ed. Remember. Be sure to represent everyone who put you there. Ray Giuliani
PatchyMcPatch May 18, 2011 at 04:37 PM
wow! Way to go voters of Newtown Twp!
Candy Savarese May 18, 2011 at 05:21 PM
I was greeted by 22 year old young man yesterday at the polls. Leonard Altieri was well informed and excited about the future of our community. I also heard voices of old friends and some new ones who were also positive and upbeat. It is wonderful to see the next generation being interested and caring about our township and it's people. Way to go Newtown Township!! Candy Savarese
Local Resident August 09, 2012 at 01:15 AM
Somehow Ed seems to be silent????? How do you all feel about the job he is doing? Exactly what is Ed contributing, as a supervisor, to solving the issues that our Township is now facing, which are many? Not hearing much, think you might have chosen a puppet??? He sure as hell looks like one. BIG MISTAKE, BIG MISTAKE!


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