Newtown Officials Approve Minimum Bid Amount For Wyola School

The minimum bid amount for the historic Wyola School in Newtown Square was set for $250,000.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted the resolution to set a minimum bid amount for the historic Wyola School property at a meeting on Tuesday night.

The market value for the historic school is $250,000, which was officially set by an appraiser, said Township Solicitor Richard Sokorai. The township will then hold a public auction for the sale of the property.

The historic school house, which dates back to the 1870s, is located on 0.41 acres on the Episcopal Academy campus at 556 N. Newtown Street Rd., just south of St. Davids Rd.

Sokorai previously noted that the Wyola School is being "sold subject to restrictions that is only allowed to be modified in certain ways physically so it has to maintain that appearance."

In addition, Sokorai said the sewer system for the Wyola School is located on Episcopal Academy's property as well as the driveway which would create "significant obstacles" for another bidder to build on a property surrounded by Episcopal Academy.

On June 5, Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge Joseph Cronin approved the petition for approval of the sale of the historic Wyola School, free of use limitations, in Newtown Square. The petition was filed by Newtown Township on April 27 to the Orphans' Court for approval of sale. 

Advertising to bid on the Wyola School site was approved by supervisors at a meeting in August. 


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