Newtown Police Sgt. Chris Lunn Promoted To Lieutenant

The Newtown Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the promotion of Sgt. Chris Lunn to Lieutenant at a supervisors meeting on Sept. 12 as well as announcing that the police contract has been officially finalized.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–At a  meeting on Sept. 12, a promotion was made for  Sgt. Chris Lunn effective immediately.

Lunn was unanimously approved by the supervisors for the promotion to lieutenant on Newtown's police force.

The supervisors had already approved the hiring of a second lieutenant on the police department.

"I guess it was during the summer that we approved–subject to budget constraints–the position of a second lieutenant as outlined by the chief," explained Supervisors Chairman Joseph Catania.

According to Police Chief Dennis Anderson, the process to hire another lieutenant soon ensued after receiving approval from the supervisors.

"I put it out to all the men who were eligible to take the test of lieutenant," shared Anderson.

Anderson said three sargeants applied for the position and interview process for the new lieutenant began last Wednesday. Anderson and another member of the Delaware County Chiefs Association conducted the interviews.

"At this time, it was the recommendation of myself and the other chief that Sgt. Lunn be promoted to lieutenant," said Anderson during Monday's meeting.

It was calculated that approximately $2,600-$3,000 would be paid towards the new position for the rest of the year. According to Catania, the hiring of another lieutenant will not impact the police budget.

An official swearing in ceremony will be held for Lunn's promotion at the next Board of Supervisors meeting.

In addition to Lunn's promotion, Catania provided a status update on the current police contract. At a supervisors meeting in August, the  with just a few minor edits to the language of the contract that needed changing.

After going back and forth with each party's attorneys, Catania said the contract was approved and signed on Aug. 12.

"That contract will go back three and go forward three years," said Catania about the retroactive three-year police contract with the township.

The new contract, which includes the years from 2012-2014, calls for a base pay salary increase of a 2.5 percent increase for 2012, a 3 percent increase for 2013 and a 3.5 percent increase in 2014.

The new contract includes police officers paying higher co-pays to a $10/20 plan in comparison to their last plan of a $5/10 co-pay. The township could see a possible savings of $115,000 from this change alone.

Jim September 15, 2011 at 03:44 AM
Who conducted the interview on Dennis Anderson, before they made him the Chief in Newtown Square,Howdy Duty? When Anderson was a patrolman in Haverford Township back in the 70,s he stole me and the lads keg of beer and put it ,in his, garage along with the tap.When he pulled away we took back what was righfully ours and had a great time along with the judy,s of the night! If Anderson caught us with the keg, he and his A.H. buddies would have arrested us,what a hypocrite.The names have changed but the games the same
PatchyMcPatch September 15, 2011 at 02:35 PM
Jim- Anderson and Jim Sheldrake were buds, that's how Anderson got hired. My good friend is a NS cop and he told me Anderson has been the worst chief to come along in years, the guys can't stand him, he's no leader. Anderson spent his days keeping Linda Houlden happy and having lunch with Sheldrake. I used to see Anderson and Sheldrake in Winners Circle having lunch. Anderson was in uniform! I thought cops couldn't have lunch in a place that serves alcohol? Well Jim got fired and Linda is a lame duck, I'm hearing Anderson is packing his bags. I hope the three of them enjoy their early retirement.
Mary Boyle September 19, 2011 at 02:27 PM
PatchyMcPatch You think it's ok for Anderson to go to Lunch with Sheldrake at a popular lunch place put it is ok for several members of the Newtown Police force to be drinking at Joe Catania's house after the election till 2 in the morining. Was your good friend one of them? Was Anderson eating in the bar? I don't think so, stop triing to trash a good man for your and/ or your friends gain! He may have to pack his bags not because he did anything wrong while Chief but because there were promises made for votes and now it is time to pay the piper! The Township side is already falling apart why not the Police side!!
Jim September 19, 2011 at 03:57 PM
Anderson,is a good man Mary?Anderson has a good act, you mean Mary
PatchyMcPatch September 19, 2011 at 09:58 PM
Trust me Mary the police side is falling apart under Anderson due to his lack of leadership skills and his focus on keeping Linda and Jim happy. He made his political bed and now he can lay in it. And if you go back and read my post I said it was NOT OK for a man in uniform to have lunch in a place that serves alcohol, I'm not even a cop and I know that! Mary how do you think Anderson got hired? He had political ties and friends in the right places. I've had to deal with him and he was grumpy and unprofessional, and no I wasn't in trouble or breaking the law at the time! And yes I think they can all drink with Joe Catania after the election, only 400 people in this town may disagree. The same 400 who owe Linda for their jobs.
Jim September 21, 2011 at 02:29 AM
Mary,Iam sure Patchy or his friends have every right to have drinks in uniform,when there of duty and can go and have drinks anywhere, or with whom, they like, to have drinks with.Mcpatchy has every right to hold onto his idenity, because Anderson will follow him around.Andeson did it to me after I beat him in court.Mary you are a very vendictive person by exposing anybody to unlawful retribution.Chief Anderson in my is not capable of running a Police Department,especially in a expanding township like Newtown square.He is a sore loser and will,and did, use his power to punish people that have beat him in court for his vindictive actions.
george wood September 27, 2011 at 08:39 PM
read what you have written. did you go to high school. you make no sense.
Jim September 28, 2011 at 01:19 AM
Are you posting a comment about how far I went in school Georgie Poorgie? What didn;t you understand?If you didn;t understand what I wrote D.B. here it is again,I;ll go slow because I know your a Cop! What I said G.P. was that your buddy is a sore loser and will arrest you after you crush him in court! I didn;t use any big words so you can understand what I wrote G.P. Georgie you have to be a cop because you put the focus on somebody else when it should be on your education A.W. One of the first things I learned Georgie Poorgie was to put capital letters when you start your first and last namesdummy!


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