Newtown Recap: Wyola School Up For Sale, $11K Worth of Used Autos Sold, And More

Newtown Township Board of Supervisors also amended the Apartment-Office zoning code, hired a bookkeeper for the Municipal Authority, approved to sponsor for a Marple Newtown Youth Rec Night.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–At the March 26th Board of Supervisors meeting, Township Manager Mike Trio updated the Board on several items including revenues that are coming to the township.

Trio stated that 51 building permits have been issued in the township over the last two weeks. In the past month, the construction value has totaled to approximately $630,000 and bringing in permit revenue of approximately $20,000 to the township.

To date, the township has collected $2,360,996 in real estate taxes and $137,000 in Local Service Taxes from the fourth quarter of 2011, according to Trio, or about "55 percent of our total revenue expected for at face value."

In addition, a potential revenue includes the sale of the old Newtown Public School No. 1, or more commonly known as the Wyola School. The historic school building dates back to 1870s and is located on North Newtown Street Road/Rt. 252, just south of Goshen Road.

According to Trio, Township Solicitor Richard Sokorai is currently working on the necessary paper work to go out to public bid for the school and the building has been appraised. A conservation easement and resolution have been drafted, and Sokorai stated he is currently investigating whether or not an Orphans' Court approval is necessary.

"There's a Public Donated Lands Act, so if it's donated for a public good that has to go to Orphans' Court. If it's donated as a 'here's a donation with no restrictions,' I don't think you need to. I just want to double check that," explained Sokorai.

According to Sokorai, once all the necessary documents and approvals have been made, the township may put the sale out as a sealed bid or to public auction.

Used Autos Brings Over $11K Back to Township

The supervisors authorized the Internet bid sale of three township used vehicles which totaled to an overall sale of $11,036. The vehicles were sold on March 16 and the buyers will have until the end of the week to pick up the vehicles.

The three vehicles sold included a 2004 Ford Explorer for $4,612 which was sold to a Philadelphia buyer; a 1994 F350 Dump Truck for $3,225 which was sold to an auto body shop in Malvern; and a 1994 F350 Dump Truck for $3,199 which was sold to a buyer from Greensborough, PA.

Amendments Approved For Zoning Code in Terrazza Plan

Supervisors approved the amendments to Chapter 172 of the Zoning Code in the Apartment-Office (A-O) District in regards to the updated Terrazza plan. The plan no longer includes carriage homes and the amendment reflects that only townhouses will be part of the A-O District.

In addition, language was added to the amendments stating that "an overall lot is used for a townhouse department, the overall lot shall have a minimum lot area of two acres and a maximum density of 10 dwelling units per acre."

Fiscal and Administrative Clerk and Bookkeeper For Muni Authority Hired

Holly Neff, who has been working for the township as a temp for the past six months, was approved by the supervisors for the position of general administrator for fiscal and human resources as well as "sharing her time" with the Municipal Authority as their bookkeeper.

"We are working with the Municipal Authority for the past six month to help manage their books more or less," explained Trio. Neff's salary was approved for $33,000 per year. Trio said the township has advertised for the position for three weeks with no other applications.

Marple Newtown Youth Recreation Night Sponsorship Approved

In addition, supervisors approved a $525 sponsorship for a Marple Newtown Youth Recreation Night at the . The Marple Newtown Youth Recreation Center is a program of the Marple Newtown Joint Recreation Commission aided by the Friends of the Youth Recreation Center and is open on Friday nights from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Rec nights are geared for students in sixth through twelfth grade where teens can meet in a safe environment with a DJ, dancing, food and games.


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