Once a Week Recycling Will Come To Marple This Fall

Marple officials announced that once a week pickup for recycling will begin this September.

BROOMALL–At a commissioners meeting on July 9, officials officially announced that once a week recycling will begin this September.

. Currently, the township operates on a Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday schedule for trash collection whereas recycling occurs on the first/third weeks of the month and the second/fourth weeks of the month.

Materials allowed in the single-stream recycling now include: all plastic soda, milk, and detergent bottles along with aluminum and bi-material cans and clear green, brown and blue glass along with newspapers, junk mail, and paper-back books can all be placed in the same container.

Dan Leefson, 7th ward commissioner, previously stated that an increase in recycling could be a money-maker for the township.

"Here's the deal: if you put it in the trash can, we pay to get rid of it by the county," explained Leefson. "If you put it to recycle, most of the time, we get paid to get rid of it. So the more we recycle, in most casts, depending on the marketplace, we make money. The more you put in the trash, the more it costs us."

Leefson added, "So if we go once-a-week trash and once-a-week recycle, it should be a money maker for the township," continued Leefson. "If it's not a money maker, it should at least give us a break even point."

michele asalone July 17, 2012 at 12:40 AM
Is this also for newtown square?
Jennifer Kim (Editor) July 17, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Hi Michele, I haven't heard any word about this for Newtown Township.


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