Paper Mill Lane Resident Looking to Create Doctor's Office in Home

Residents of Paper Mill Road contested to Dr. Nancy Hykel-Malone's request to create a doctor's office in her home at 44 Paper Mill Lane.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–A handful of residents on Paper Mill Road were back at the building last Thursday night about another neighborhood issue. This time, the issue involved a Paper Mill Lane resident looking to convert a first-floor room of her home to a doctor's office.

Dr. Nancy Hykel-Malone, of 44 Paper Mill Lane, went before the Newtown Township Zoning Hearing Board on June 21 to request a special exception to create a 400 square-foot medical office in her home.

According to Hykel-Malone, the office will be on the ground level of the home in which the office entrance will be located on the side of the home. In addition, the 3,500 square-foot home has a two-car garage to fit the family's cars while leaving room for three additional parking spaces in their driveway for patients and on the street for delivery trucks.

Hykel-Malone stated that she anticipates the office to be open from approximately 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. three to four days a week, and expects about six to 10 patients per day but no more than 10-15 patients.

The reason why Hykel-Malone would like to bring her practice to her home is because her husband has become disabled and would like to be able to help her husband while continuing to see her patients, she stated.

"I would like to be home when my husband needs me and would like to continue to see my patients. I need to be with my husband a little bit," said Hykel-Malone. "This will not change the flavor of the neighborhood."

According to Hykel-Malone, an internist, her practice consists working with patients over 65 years of age and mainly deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. She assured she does not deal with big medical equipment nor any surgeries but a blood pressure machine.

Hykel-Malone mentioned that occasionally a pharmaceutical sales representative would stop by her home approximately once to three times per week while a UPS truck may drop off a delivery every day. A bio-hazard company will also be anticipated to stop by the home approximately three to four times a year, usually on Fridays.

However, some Paper Mill Road residents weren't too keen on Hykel-Malone's request on creating a doctor's office at her home. Several residents mentioned the narrow streets and potential for traffic accidents in the area as well as a potential increase in traffic to the neighborhood.

Chris McIsaac, a four-year resident at 28 Paper Mill Road, testified that Paper Mill Road was a very narrow road consisting of blind spots, uphills, and downhills, "making it very difficult for two cars to get by."

"The increase in traffic that has been cited, even though it may seem low, is actually quite high relative to the traffic that it gets today," said McIsaac, referring to Paper Mill Road.

Scott Brehman, a new resident to Paper Mill Road, who has , stated that the street signs are difficult to see.

"You can’t see that sign," said Brehman referring to a photograph he took the day before at noon with the sun shining. "They’re going to come down Paper Mill Road and they are going to blow right by that because they will not see that road sign. They are then going to continue down the road. I live at 44 Paper Mill Road. She [Hykel-Malone] is 44 Paper Mill Lane."

Brehman said, assuming if those cars missed that road, those drivers would then come into a dead end situation and pull into his parking area, into his yard, and damage his property.

Additionally, Brehman said the patients may potentially park their cars at his home, mistaking his residence sign for Hykel-Malone's sign.

After deliberation, Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor George Cordes stated that the record will remain open and the matter will be continued next month to further develop evidence. Cordes said the board still had questions on the parking design and circulation in the driveway as well as the bio-hazardous waste removal.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 19th.


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