What Local Politicians Are Saying About The Voter ID Law

Will this decision stick? Both sides had said they would appeal this ruling.

The Commonwealth Court ruled Wednesday morning not to stop Pennsylvania's controversial new from going into effect.

., will not grant an injunction that would have halted the law requiring each voter to show a valid photo ID.

Opponents are expected to file an appeal within a day or two to the state Supreme Court as the Nov. 6 presidential election fast approaches, according to the Associated Press.

The challenge to the law was brought by voter advocacy groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP.

It’s unclear what this decision will actually mean, since both sides had vowed to appeal the judgement if it didn’t go their way.

The NAACP vowed to appeal the ruling. National president Benjamin Todd Jealous issued a statement saying, ""This law, like other state laws enacted across the U.S., has the potential to suppress thousands of votes in the Commonwealth during this election. The NAACP, in conjunction with its state conferences, will continue to combat these efforts on the ground and mobilize voters. We will have to fight for our right to vote again."

State GOP Chairman Rob Gleason issued a statement saying, in part, "I am pleased that the Commonwealth Court recognized this law for what it is – common sense reform to ensure that every voter and every vote is protected."

Locally, in Delaware County, politicians also shared their own feelings about the decision.

Delaware County Republican Party Chairman Andrew Reilly told the Delaware County Daily Times that he didn't believe the ruling would have any affect on voter turn-out rate and the goal is to prevent potential voter fraud.

Reilly told the Times that the fee for the photo identification has been waived and residents will have the opportunity to vote provisionally on Election Day and produce an ID later if need be, according to the Delaware County Daily Times.

Delaware County Democratic Party Chairman David Landau told the Delco Times that the ruling interferes with the right to vote and there has been no case made for voter fraud to support the GOP claims.

Pennsylvania passed a law in March requiring all registered voters to show a valid and “. This is one of the strictest voter ID laws in the nation.

Opponents of the law say it disproportionately targets the elderly as well as the poor and minorities, who typically vote Democrat. Furthermore, critics say that the burden of obtaining an acceptable ID for these people would keep them from voting.

Thirty states have some sort of Voter ID law, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, of those, 19 do not require a photo, six require a photo and five, including Pennsylvania, have strict photo requirements.

MarpleResident August 15, 2012 at 05:44 PM
How do people have jobs, rent apartments, get free government housing, buy homes, sign up for welfare, sign up for free food stamps, travel by air or take cruises, buy cough syrup (you need ID now to buy) enroll children into school, get free Obama cell phones, get free Obama laptops, WIC, CHIP, drive cars, drink in bars, sign up for social security, disability, etc. without government issued ID?
Cindi Miller August 15, 2012 at 07:05 PM
There are old people who don't have transportation. There are POOR people WHO don't drive OR HAVE THE MONEY for these cards. Poor people who have been voting for years. They have no credit cards, & use other forms of ID for the government. They are in the system for food stamps & welfare, so why do they need these other forms of ID, that weren't used or needed to get food stamps, welfare, or CHIP. They ARE getting these benefits to stay alive, They do not travel on planes, drive CARS OR HAVE THE 20.00, plus to purchase these new ID'S. WHY IS IT THEY CAN USE OTHER FORMS OF ID, THAT HAS NOT BEEN MENTIONED IN ANY OF THE ARTICLES? Obviously the people asking these questions have no idea what having NO money is or means. Doesn't make them UNAmerican or anything else but destitute. There has been less than 1 case of voter ID fraud in each state with millions of people voting in the last 10 years. THIS is VOTER SUPPRESSION, nothing else...
MarpleResident August 15, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Pennsylvania non driver ID cards are being issued for FREE. Services for the aging can provide transportation, as they currently do for low income PA senior citizens. There is also public transportation and many other organizations that will take people to the DMV for ID as well as to the poles to vote on election day. The same people that conduct voter fraud, voter intimidation, allowing illegal’s to vote, issue fake drivers licenses to illegal’s/criminals, tamper with voting machines, registering illegal’s to vote 5 – 6 times, allow more voters than the number of people living in the County, register dead people and register people without ID for social services are the SAME people that refuse to investigate/prosecute voter fraud cases. There have been TONS of examples of voter fraud throughout Pennsylvania. Philadelphia officials went on a National radio program stating they refuse to enforce the voter laws using the excuse “It’s voter suppression”. That is illegal. I guess people see the current President ignoring the Constitution and laws so it is OK, right? Scream “voter suppression” all you want, whether we get Romney cutting out all the fraud or Obama bankrupting the USA the days of free money are coming to an end.


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