Resident Withdraws Application For Home Doctor's Office

Dr. Nancy Hykel-Malone withdrew her application to create a doctor's office in her home at 44 Paper Mill Lane in Newtown Square.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–A handful of Paper Mill Lane residents showed up with an attorney at a special Newtown Zoning Hearing Board meeting Thursday night, ready to fight against a .

However, what came to the residents at Thursday night's hearing was an unexpected suprise.

Dr. Nancy Hykel-Malone, of 44 Paper Mill Lane, went before the Newtown Township Zoning Hearing Board and stated she wished to withdraw her application.

Hykel-Malone first went before the Zoning Hearing Board on June 21 to request a special exception to create a 400 square-foot medical office in her home. When the hearing was continued from its scheduled July date to Thursday night, Hykel-Malone stated that many of her patients are very ill and could not be without their physicial while the zoning approval was delayed.

"Their health and well being are the most important issues here," read Hykel-Malone from a letter addressed to the Zoning Hearing Board. According to Hykel-Malone, she has already informed her patients that she will be retiring from private practice and to look for another physician.

Previously, residents had shared their concerns and protested Hykel-Malone's application to create a doctor's office in her home. Hykel-Malone additionally addressed the negative feedback from her neighbors at Thursday night's hearing.

"It was unjust for these self-serving vicious neighbors to risk the health of my patients." –Nancy Hykel-Malone

"I do not want the Zoning Board to be forced to make a decision that would impede another resident from ever having a home office in this neighborhood in the future," continued Hykel-Malone.

Hykel-Malone previously stated to the Zoning Hearing Board that she anticipated the home doctor's office to be open from approximately 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. three to four days a week, and expects about six to 10 patients per day but no more than 10-15 patients.

The reason why Hykel-Malone would like to bring her practice to her home is because her husband has become disabled and would like to be able to help her husband while continuing to see her patients, she had previously stated.


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