Special Needs Registry To Enhance Response Times

Delaware County will implement a new system that will enhance response times during emergencies in assisting those with special needs.

BROOMALL– Manager Anthony Hamaday announced at last week's Board of Commissioners work session meeting that Delaware County will be implementing a special needs registry.

"We're urging anybody who has the need or a special needs individual who needs special assistance to contact us so we can give that information to the county," said Hamaday.

According to Hamaday, the system will help the county as well as local police, fire and emergency personnel to quickly respond to those individuals during an emergency.

Though the township used to have a special needs registry previously, the database was not kept up-to-date, according to Hamaday.

"At one time we did have a special needs database that was being maintained by Nick Kerber, unfortunately, it wasn't kept up," said Hamaday. "So, we're trying to recreate that as well as to the county's."

Hamaday said residents interested in registering for the special needs database will be able to access a direct link to the county on the township website.

John Q Citizen May 16, 2012 at 06:24 PM
Of course, trying to register for this "Special Needs" registry is a COMPLETE JOKE, as are apparently the people who work for the township. There is NO LINK to this "Special Needs Registry" on Marples's website, and the ignoramous who hung up on me at the township had NO idea what I was talking about. Second call, was transfred to the Police Dept., b/c NOW THEY are supposedly handling this, but THEY know NOTHING about it, too. WAY TO GO, you bungling idiots!!! Put it out there for the public to try to use, and NO BODY bothered to set it up!!! Yeah, I'm so proud of my township, I could puke!
JDBroomall May 17, 2012 at 04:06 PM
"will be implementing"... "will be able"... John Q Citizen.... "Will be" is called "future tense"... not "present tense". words mean something. Read before you rant


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