2 New Homes May Be Constructed on Rose Hill Rd

A property owner of two vacant lots on Rose Hill Road in Broomall is seeking a conditional use approval from the Marple Board of Commissioners to construct two single-family homes.

BROOMALL–Rose Hill Road residents in Broomall may be seeing two new homes constructed on their street. A conditional use approval request was presented before the Marple Township Board of Commissioners at a meeting on Nov. 13 to construct two single-family homes on Rose Hill Road.

The application–submitted by Michael Seeds of R.H. Lane, LLC–calls for the construction of two single-family homes on the south side of Rose Hill Road at the intersection of Lewis Road on two vacant parcels measuring 24,000 and 36,000 square feet.

The land development plan for the two properties will include public water and sewer hookups. Each home will allow for two parking spaces in the driveway as well as a garage and a turnaround available for the cars to be able to enter the street going forward.

Commissioners President Michael Molinaro, of the 6th ward, shared his concerns about the increased traffic in the neighborhood.

"My concern for that neighborhood especially is that you're in the dead of a T-bone intersection," said Molinaro. "There can be no off-street parking there. Originally with planning, you were going to provide for three spots now you're going to have four. The problem you're still going to have...people are still going to stack and people are still going to want to park on the street and at that intersection. It's going to be complaint after complaint after complaint. There's got to be a way to keep all those cars off of Rose Hill and Lewis. Otherwise, there's going to be a jam at that intersection."

Both lots, zoned in a R-1 district, are situated on very steep slopes and steep slopes. Seeds received approval from the Zoning Hearing Board back in June of this year to construct the home on the steep slopes. A conditional use approval is now needed by the commissioners for the very steep slopes in order to move forward with the construction of the two homes. 

In addition, Seeds said he spoke to the adjacent neighbors of the two lots who have signed in agreement with the letter. Seeds said a neighbor directly behind one of the lots was concerned with water runoff but was able to satisfy that neighbor that, in fact, there will be no water runoff from both properties.

According to Nicholas Vastardis, the consulting engineer for the two lots, modifications have been made to the original plan and the remaining requirements that still need to be met, as reviewed by Township Engineer Joe Mastronardo in early October, include the planning module exemption, geotechnical report, and land development securities agreement.

Vastardis said the two lots are currently being used by residents on Rose Hill as a dumping site and anticipates no issues for stormwater or water control at the two properties. 

The Board will make a decision on the conditional use application at the next commissioners meeting in December. 


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