Sheriff's Sale Friday, 16 Marple Newtown Patch Homes Listed

Delaware County properties will be on the block for the monthly sheriff's sale Friday.

More than 180 properties are on the list for Friday's Delaware County sheriff's sale. However, many on the list have been postponed and some were settled, leaving about 137 properties on the block.

There are five properties listed within Marple Newtown Patch:

  • 92 North Malin Road, Marple, $551,450.86
  • 2504 Selwyn Drive, Marple, $1,866.28
  • 30 Lincoln Lane, Marple, $3,564.23
  • 2585 Radcliffe Road, Marple, $363,784.25
  • 279 West Chelsea Circle, Newtown, $193,133.90

There are a several properties in Marple Newtown Patch that have also been continued to Friday's sheriff's sale:

  • 731 Martens Lane, Marple, $2,165.28
  • 718 St. Francis Drive, Marple, $325,145.60
  • 106 3rd Avenue, Marple, $1,513.78
  • 2158 Brookthorpe Circle, Marple, $270,032.05
  • 706 Paxon Hollow Road, Marple, $2,027.20
  • 125 Sylvan Drive, Marple, $46,465.02
  • 5 East Garden Road, Marple, $253,511.99
  • 20 Surrey Drive, Newtown, $398,968.54
  • 41 Media Line Road, Marple, $1,164,672.12
  • 34 Reese Avenue, Newtown, $1,164,672.12
  • 2609 Cynwyd Avenue, Marple, $79,871.62


Sales start at 11 a.m. in the County Council Meeting Room on the first floor of the Government Center Building, Delaware County Court House, Front St. & Veterans Square in Media.

There is a minimum total bid amount that must be exceeded for each property to sell. The winning bidder must have 10 percent of the sale price at the auction, with the remaining portion due within 10 days of the sale. Deposits must be made in cash or by certified check at the time of the sale.

The properties are not available for inspection prior to the sale. More information is available on Delaware County's sheriff's website.

margaret stoner March 13, 2013 at 11:41 PM
Does anyone know if the prices are correct? A house listed here in Broomall is right near me and I wonder how bad the house shape must be because nearby houses are going for at least $250,000.
Courtney Elko (Editor) March 14, 2013 at 01:12 AM
I thought some of the prices seemed low as well, Margaret, but that is what was listed on the county site.
Carole Ingenito March 14, 2013 at 05:33 AM
Most appear to be taxes owed on these properties
FedUp March 19, 2013 at 01:57 PM
So it appears that the vacant house on Surrey Drive in Newtown Square will continue to be vacant. A $250,000 house listed for almost $399,000??? How do they expect someone to buy that? It's been an eyesore for years, not to mention a party house for local delinquents who break into it. Mess.


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