Advertising Approved on MNHS Football Tickets

The Marple Newtown School Board recently approved the use of advertising on the back of Marple Newtown High School's football tickets.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–Based off of the members of the approved the use of advertising on the back of this week's football game ticket.

The Marple Newtown Tigers will host Lower Merion on Friday, Sept. 7. On the back of this week's game ticket, two advertisers will be displayed–including one from a Marple Newtown football alumni advertising mnenergy.org and another for a printing company in Havertown.

A sample of the new tickets were presented by District Communications Coordinator Michael Larkin and Marple Newtown High School business and technology teacher Jessica Buechele.

The Community Budget Committee, a seven-member group appointed by the school board last September, reviewed the district's 2011-12 budget and analyzed revenues and costs of district operations.

Among the five areas the committee reviewed for potential revenue and cost-saving opportunities, the committee researched advertising opportunities in the school district.

, including advertising with sporting events at .

One of the areas discussed was the football stadium. Members of the community budget committee suggested large corporate sponsorship for field and goal posts as well as scoreboards. In addition, possibly advertising on game tickets (i.e., coupons for local restaurants).

Business Administrator Joe Driscoll shared with Marple Newtown Patch that the district may look to add more sporting ticket advertising opportunities this winter with the boys and girls basketball games as well.


Read more about the MNSD Community Budget Committee's recommendations:


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