Bringing Her Positive Energy In The Classroom And Out

Michele Lunn, a Paxon Hollow Middle School math teacher, is changing lives from her students to her colleagues.

BROOMALL–Though this year marks her 17th year teaching at , Michele Lunn still brings fresh energy and ideas to the classroom and to her colleagues.

From making numbers fun and exciting in the classroom to pepping up the student body with choreographed dances, Lunn brings refreshing energy to the learning landscape.

Lunn is a product of the –she's a 1989 alumni of . Although she started off teaching to all girls at Archbishop Prendergast in Havertown after she graduated from West Chester University with a secondary math degree, Lunn always knew she would be back in the district someday.

"It's a great school," says Lunn. "I always knew I wanted to come back."

The Early Years

"My favorite teacher was my first-grade teacher Mrs. Shearer," recalls Lunn. "She made school fun and made you want to learn and enjoy coming. She would be my number one influence."

Since then, or since she could remember, Lunn has always had a knack for learning and teaching. Teaching came like second nature.

"I always enjoyed school," says Lunn. "In high school I was pretty good at explaining math so I ended up going into that field. I enjoy working with kids, and I really like the middle school age. They're fun."

And so began her journey as a middle school teacher at Paxon Hollow, earning the respect of her colleagues and students and eventually receiving recognition as Marple Newtown Education Association's Teacher of the Year for 2009-2010.

Pumping Up The Volume

Lunn now teaches advanced math for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry. She also helps organize PSSA reviews, the –and the seventh-grade Pennsylvania Environmental Education Center trip.

In addition, Lunn is part of the Renaissance Committee, which rewards students who have good grades, attendance and behavior, provides guidance to the student renaissance/athletic council, planning for pep rallies and helping with the athletics department.

Having her hands full in student activities, events and educational resources, Lunn believes some of the biggest rewards come straight from the students.

"I want the kids to enjoy coming to my class," shares Lunn. "I want to get something out of it and have fun at the same time...and that's really seeing the kids succed."

Getting students engaged and excited in the classroom is something Lunn strives for. Her math class isn't a typical cut and dry type of learning.

"There are certain funny things that have happened in the classroom and I hope that they'll [the students] remember that," says Lunn. "We developed a common monomial dance once. It's about interacting with them–if you get them up and moving, they'll like that a lot more–and you making it relevant to them. You have to make it a part of their own world–talking about Facebook and all that."

But she's not only pumping up the volume within her classroom walls, Lunn is spreading the positive energy across classrooms and schools.

Lunn spearheaded all the as well as earlier this summer's (she was the monkey on the front right), and most recently she helped kick off the new 2011-2012 school year with a and an inspirational powerpoint for her colleagues.

Staying With It Through and Through

Though many techers and educators may avoid teaching on the middle-school level and the whole "tween" age altogether, Lunn seeks to remain at the middle school level.

"I really enjoy working with kids," shares Lunn. "And I really like the middle school age–they're fun."

Lunn hopes to continue to develop new strategies in teaching math in the classroom and keeping up with the changes.

"I just hope I can continue to be successful as a teacher teacher and keep the kids motivated to learn," says Lunn. "I hope to also continue learning my trade and continually adding technology to that."

And if Mrs. Shearer could see her now? "I think she would be proud of me, and herself really."


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