New Social Media Policy Approved For Marple Newtown Schools

A new social media policy was recently approved by Marple Newtown school officials.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–As the world heads into the digital age, the Marple Newtown School District isn't too far behind. The Marple Newtown School Board recently approved a new social media policy which will guide teachers, staff, and students in acceptable social media use on school grounds through the school district’s Communications and Information Systems.

The school district defines Communication and Information Systems (CIS) as consisting of, but not limited to: computers, logical and physical networks, the Internet, electronic communications,information systems, databases, files, software, peripherals, interactive devices, andmedia.

The school district will cooperate to the extent appropriate with social media sites, Internet service providers, local, state, and federal officials in investigations or withother legal requests, whether criminal or civil actions.

Users on the network must refrain from communicating inappropriate materials and information onthe Internet and/or through social media of any kind, include, but not limited to: 

1. Confidential, personally identifiable or otherwise sensitive informationpertaining to the School District, its students, employees or guests.

2. Child pornography, sexual exploitation, bullying/cyberbullying, or inappropriatecommercialization of childhood experiences.

3. Defamatory or discriminatory statements and images.

4. Proprietary information of the School District and/or a School District vendor.

5. Infringed upon intellectual property, such as materials or information that violateapplicable copyright laws.

6. Terroristic threats.

7. Illegal items and activities. Users may not utilize social media in a way thatdisrupts the school environment or in a way that poses a reasonably foreseeablerisk of doing so.

If a user violates the district's policy (view attached documents), utilizing social media, may result in loss of access to the school district’s CIS systems and other appropriate disciplinary actions, including but not limited to, warnings, usage restrictions, loss of privileges, position reassignment, oral or written reprimands, student suspensions, employee suspensions (with or without pay for employees), dismissal, expulsions, breachof contract, penalties provided in statutes, regulations, and other laws and/or legalproceedings as determined appropriate by the school district on a case-by-case basis. 


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