Patch Whiz Kid of the Week: Shreya Reddy

This week, Marple Newtown Patch highlight science whiz Shreya Reddy, a soon-to-be senior at Episcopal Academy.

Each week, Marple Newtown Patch will seek suggestions from readers for individual kids, youth groups, teens, and even sports teams that wow us with their accomplishments. This week, we highlight soon-to-be high school senior Shreya Reddy, whose science project was recognized by the state with a perfect score.

Patch Whiz Kid of the Week: Shreya Reddy

Whiz Kid's Age: 17

Whiz Kid's School:

Whiz Kid's Accomplishment: Shreya's science project–based on the concept of the crystallization of protein by using a chicken egg life design to define the structure of the protein–received a perfect score and placed first in the regional competition of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS).

Shreya then moved on to the state competition where she competed in the 78th annual PJAS competition at Penn State University and took first place receiving a perfect score.

PJAS is a statewide organization of junior and senior high school students designed to stimulate and promote interest in science among its members through the development of research projects and investigations.

Whiz Kid's Awesomeness: Having a family with a passion for science, it was only natural that Shreya found her calling in the subject. Her mother is a prgrammer, her brother is a student at Cornell University studying biomedical engineering and her father is a computational biologist.

Though her father now works at a pharmaceutical company, Shreya was able to bond with him as she worked on her PJAS science project.

"My dad used to do that kind of stuff. When I was getting into this project, he would talk a lot about it and guide me through that. I finally got to see what he used to do," said Shreya.

Shreya has performed many science projects, perhaps not as prestigious as placing first in the PJAS competition this year but meaningful nonetheless.

"My first science project that I remember doing was probably my sixth-grade science project. It was about testing the acidity of three different drinks. I really enjoyed making that project," shared Shreya.

But the best part about creating any science project for Shreya is "taking complex ideas and simplifying everything."

"I think the best part that I take away from science is being able to communicate and being able to present what i've been working on," explained Shreya. "I like taking complex ideas/concepts and being able to interpret them in a different way and how they can connect to people. If I could apply that to a career, that would be great."

Though she hasn't throught too seriously on a career path or colleges just yet, Shreya said she's also looking into a career in economics and possibly studying the humanities and sciences.

For now, Shreya is excited and looking forward to her senior year at Episcopal and "leading the school, being one of the big kids, and trying to live up to 2013 and its legacy."

Shreya is currently also a coxswain for Episcopal's crew team and also shared she's excited to "finish strong" with the team her senior year as well as the school's Mock Trials, junto, and working on the school newspaper.

"I'd like to go out with a bang," said Shreya. "I'm excited guiding all the younger classmen and being that example for them I hope."


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