Photos: Election Day in Marple Newtown

Patch went around snapping shots of the primary and school board elections May 17 around Marple and Newtown communities.

Patch went around the Marple Newtown community on a dreary Tuesday snapping photos at several polling sites around and townships during the primary and school board elections.

From the municipal building to St. Alban's Church, Newtown contender Edward Partridge's supporters were seen stationed at each polling site around the township but Board of Supervisors Vice Chairwoman Linda Houldin also had several committee people stationed at each site.

It was a somewhat "steady" voter turn-out in the township, according to Republican Committeewoman Cheryl Stank, who was stationed at the Newtown Public Library, in support of Houldin. Partridge supporters John Battista, Tracy Alberti and Jack Wusinich, who were also stationed at the same location as Stank since Tuesday morning, believed more voter foot traffic would occur later on during the day after dinnertime. .

In Marple, voter turn-out was "pretty slow," according to poll volunteer Mario Favacchio, who was stationed inside the Marple Township municipal building. Marple residents were more concerned with the elections, where are vying for five seats on the board, and the contested judges' races from the Commonwealth down to the districts.

Marie Richards May 20, 2011 at 01:40 AM
Where are all the nasty comments? We have one photo of one person doing their job as a Republican Committee Person. . . let's hear how she is a thief, deceiving the voters.
Doug Humes May 20, 2011 at 04:57 PM
Enjoy the absence of trolls ... rather than putting out bait for them.


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