School Board GOP Candidate McAuliffe Sworn in to Fill Partridge's Vacant Seat

Sherry-Lee McAuliffe was sworn in at a Marple Newtown School Board meeting on June 7 to fill the vacant seat of former school board member Edward Partridge.

NEWTOWN SQUARE–GOP school board winner Sherry-Lee McAuliffe, who as one of the most popular candidates, has received her time on the board earlier than expected.

McAuliffe was sworn in Tuesday evening by Judge Barry Dozer at a meeting to take over the vacant seat on the board left by former school board member Ed Partridge. Partridge gave in his resignation letter at the last school board meeting on May 24 and announced his departure on the board at a .

"It was a nice surprise," commented McAuliffe about her nomination. "I was excited to do it in the first place."

Two nominations were received to fill Partridge's spot on the board–one included McAuliffe and the other for Jim Lanzalotto. School board member John McDevitt nominated Lanzalotto and was seconded by board President David McGinley, while school board member members Nancy Galbraith nominated McAuliffe and Joe Rufo seconded the motion.

When asked by McGinley if he would continue to seek a spot on the board if he wasn't chosen on Tuesday night, Lanzalotto responded that he would continue "until you tell me to go away." Lanzalotto is a father of two children, who both attend .

McAuliffe won the seat 5-1 from the board with McDevitt as the sole nay.

"I like your chances in the fall and I think you would be a great person but I have to say no only because I've known Jim [Lanzalotto] a long time as a neighbor..." addressed McDevitt to McAuliffe.

The position for McAuliffe would be a good precursor for her if she wins a seat in the November elections.

"I'm excited to work with everyone," shared McAuliffe. "There's a good group who's on the board now and there's a good group who's running in November."

The biggest challenge, McAuliffe said she will see on the board, is "dealing with the budget we have and making the right decisions." However, McAuliffe believes the opportunity has provided her for a way to "get involved" as she always wanted to do.

"I have two daughters in the district [] and I've always wanted to get involved in local government," said McAuliffe. "I'm a logical thinker; I'm honest and whatever decisions are made will be made with my best intentions."

McAuliffe will serve on the board as Partridge's replacement until the November elections when .


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