Restorative Yoga

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A Style of Yoga that Everyone can do!

“Restorative Yoga” is a Therapeutic approach for deeper relaxation of the mind and body to restore our spirits.  This class will focus s on using traditional Hatha Yoga Poses in a restful way, while holding for a longer period of time using the support of props; such as bolsters, straps, and blocks. The restful poses will allow the body to delve deeper into relaxation.  Rest is different than sleep, as rest provides an opportunity for the body, mind, and spirit to heal and renew.

Today, in our society, our sympathetic nervous system is being over stimulated with the constant pressures and demands of our active lifestyle and we neglect active resting (which is unlike sleep).  All yoga practices help restore the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), but Restorative Yoga helps bring the PNS back to equilibrium, healing the body at the cellular level.  This type of yoga helps activate the Parasympathetic nervous system to stimulate the immune system, lower heart rate, & blood pressure.  This class will use Yoga Nidra (yoga of sleep), balancing the energy centers of the body (chakras), and Meditation (Dhyana) to enable the student to feel more alert, refreshed, and optimally healthy.

    All fitness levels are welcome.



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