The Makeup Girl - Big Pores, No Problem!

Change the size and look of your pores with L7's Mattifier and Cucumber Scrub

Pore size can not be changed, however there are many ways to greatly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.  

Pores are like an infantry of soldiers, and this tough army can not be beaten.  There are CO2 laser treatments, deep chemical peels, lotions and potions....however pore size is genetic.

You can reduce the visibly of large pores by staying on top of your skin care.  A washing routine combined with facials which will extract yuck that are deep in your pores and will help your pores to appear smaller.  

Save your money for other things, because the costly treatments will not erase your large pores.  They will help clear them out, however a good facial will do the same thing.

In a lot of cases pores look large because they are clogged, that combined with your skin being dry can make your makeup look terrible.  Good makeup can give the illusion of no pores at all.  

Here are a few easy ways to tackle your skin and help reduce your pores from looking large.  

Exfoliate:  Pores allow oil in your skin flow, and oil is essential to a great complexion.  You can help your pores by using an exfoliator to remove any dead skin that might be clogging your pores.  You want to use an exfoliator that is gentle enough for every day use.  Rub gently to help roll dead skin off, do not run like you are polishing a tarnished bowl or you can do damage to your skin and your body will produce even more oil to replace the oil that your removed.  I suggest this Cucumber Scrub, not only does it smell refreshing, it exfoliates without irritation using with jojoba beads while chamomile extract and cucumber extract cool and refresh your face.

Skip Foundation on the areas where pores are enlarged. Foundation can magnify their look. 

Use a Mattifier, blotting powder or blotting papers on the areas where your pores are large.  Mattifier will keep the area with large pores dry and give the area a smooth look while reducing the image of large pores.   Blotting paper will also help soak up oil that has collected in your pores, a great quick fix for this if you are out around town...use toilet liner paper, tear a small pice and gently blot your face. Work like a champ...just remember to take it off of your face before you leave the bathroom:-)

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