2012 Olympics Updates From Local Coach

Want to know what it’s like going to the Olympic ceremonies? Olympic Archery Coach Cindy Bevilacqua updates us on what’s been going on in London.

Olympic Archery Coach Cindy Bevilacqua took a few days off from blogging this week, but she’s posted two new blogs to catch us up:

July 25

The team was able to do a Familiarization for the warm-up field and the final main field they will be shooting their matches on. The warm-up field is to be able to allow oneself to get acquainted with having the field the same direction and the wind and lighting. Each team is allowed a half hour and then your escort to the final lanes to shoot your matches. This can be quite intimidating but, with the help of your training system and mental game the archers handled this quite amazingly. They stayed calm and went though their process of shooting that arrow for the 10 ring (very center of the target). Everyone did fanatic.

July 26

Men’s official practice of the qualification field was from 9-12:30 p.m. Miranda went to train at SCORE, our USOC facility here in London. Then had a private car drive Mel (coach) and her to the Lord’s Cricket grounds were the women had their official practice round until 5:30 p.m.

July 27 Opening Ceremonies

The Women's Team and Mel (coach) got ready for Opening Ceremonies. I wasn’t able to march because the Olympic committee only gave one pass for each sport for staff. So since I’m marching in Closing Ceremonies, Mel got the pass to march in Opening. However, our CEO of USA Archery donated her ticket to me. I left the village at 6:30 p.m. to head over to Olympic Park. I was so glad I left that early. The crowd keeps moving, but soon after I got into the Olympic Park, I was able to go to the VIP entrance. I felt like Royalty and it got easier moving around. I was handed a snack box and processed to my seat. I met some friends along the way, but when I got to my section, I met up with a friend from back home in Lancaster. It was so nice to share the Opening Ceremony with him. It was a magnificent show and being there in person made it feel like I was marching. I got back to the Olympic Village at 2 a.m.

July 28 Men’s Competition

We will be shooting team round and have been seeded in a tough bracket. Our first match was a bye and then we came up against Japan, which we ended up winning. Now we have to beat the Korean’s. This is the match of the games.  USA vs. Korea.  If you ask us, this right now, this is the Gold medal match but we are only in the semi’s. Who do you think won????  Yes the USA MEN’S TEAM! We all were cheering and so, so excited! These men are awesome, but still have to get ready for one more match against Italy for the Gold medal. Unfortunately we came in 2nd and will bring home the Silver Medal. I’m so proud of this team.

July 29 Women’s Competition

Our team had a bye first off too. Then we meet up with China. Our ladies shoot well, but fell short of their gold. We all came out to practice today, to get ready for the individual matches tomorrow. At lunchtime the Men’s Team had the opportunity to teach Apollo Ono (Speed Skater) how to shoot. This was so cool, check out the picture.

July 30 Miranda Leek Competes in Individuals

Off to the bus at 6:40 a.m. so we can get to the field by 7:40 a.m. to start warming-up for Miranda Leek’s first head-to-head set play match. One must score six points to be declared the winner. Miranda won the 1/32 round, but fell short on the 16th. I was her agent, which means I verify the scoring and pull her arrows. Miranda is our only competitor for the day.

July 31 Jacob Wukie, Jenny Nichols Compete in Individuals

Rode the 7:10 a.m. bus today, so we would be there for Jacob Wukie, an alumni of JMU along with me. His 1/32 match went off at 9:13 a.m. which he won 6-2. He too fell short in the 1/16 match. Next up was Jenny Nichols. She tied her 1/32 match and then went into a one-arrow shoot off. So the arrow closest to the center wins…..  Yes, she won with the closest “9.”  It was raining throughout the day and cold in the morning. Those still in the competition were out on the practice field getting ready for tomorrow.

Bevilacqua is the co-owner of in Delaware County and a Westtown, Chester County, resident.


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