Women & Men: 'X' The Safe Box on Tuesday

See what's at stake in this election and why.

I am sharing my thoughts on the issues to be considered seriously for this election on Tuesday, Nov., 6. These issues are the heart and soul of humanity.

With only two days to vote, let’s regroup and review what is at stake. Adjust your rearview mirrors before you start the ignition. Remember, we are in the driver’s seat.

Let’s look eye to eye at some crucial matters that matter the most to us as humans, a super nation and civilization in motion. Please take the brief simple quiz below. Answer True (T) or False (F) as it applies to you. 

  1. I want Planned Parenthood funding to be curtailed or abolished.   F / T
  2. I don’t fear overturning Roe V Wade-the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision establishing a woman’s right to have an abortion. F / T
  3. I accept that healthcare insurance pay for Viagra but not for birth control pills?  F/ T
  4. I like the ideas of “Binders Full of Women” and “legitimate rape”?  F/ T
  5. I support reinstating the “Global Gag Rule” which will ban the U.S funding to
    wide range of organizations which provide basic services like education to
    women and girls for important personal decisions.   F / T
  6. I don’t care about more than 200 million women worldwide who want access to family planning services but they do not have it.  F/ T
  7.  I do not stand for more than 100 million poorest women and girls globally to gain voluntary access to family planning services. F / T  
  8. I favor losing appropriate services for improving maternal and child
    health which include assistance for conditions like trauma, communicable
    diseases and malnutrition.  F / T
  9. I do not value the fact that helping women worldwide will provide a solid
    platform for a better future for the entire world.  F / T  
  10. I disregard the mission of U.N Population Fund to “reduce poverty and ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person is free of HIV /AIDS, and every girl and woman is treated with dignity and respect.”   F / T 
  11. If my daughter wants to have an abortion, I maintain the Ultrasound Requirement even if it means to shame her, increase guilt, robs her
    dignity, exercise control on her privacy and make it more than beyond words
    painful than without the requirement.   F / T
  12. I support recent comments by Mitt Romney on Oct. 9, 2012
    in Iowa when he told no specific plan to pursue abortion legislation but
    changed to “Pro-life” within a day. F / T
  13.  I don’t prize the School for Husbands launched by the U.N. Population Fund endorsed by traditional and religious leaders where married men get vital education. These schools bring well-respected men from the community together to discuss important concerns on reproductive health and educate on how to improve access to maternal and newborn health services. F / T    (http://www.unfpa.org/public/home/news/pid/7542)

I bet you have answered False to all of the above or most of them. These are more than a dozen precious reasons to be cautious on this coming Tuesday. There are many more such dozens of reasons to 'X' the safe box. Our blind spots can cost us a lot. If someone knowingly shuns their obligations, we claim our rights by making wise decisions.

Do not leave the steering wheel while on the drive. Remember to 'X' the safe box this Tuesday.

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Mike G November 06, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Before you write another opinion, gather your thoughts and organize your opinions, while doing that, stop writing in english and thinking while thinking in your native language. Unless I'm a total moron, I'm baffled. Dr dixit, Are advocating voting for Obama? Would this Have Anything to do with any of your GOP leaders clients children or their acquaintances. Is your income derived by any government bodies, besides a basic health insurance policy? If Romney wins , what do you stand to loose FINANCIALLY?? That's the "x". Box!!
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