Don't Let The Name Fool You, Grizzy Has a Big Heart

Grizzy is available for adoption through the Animal Coalition of Delaware County.

Grizzabella or "Grizzy" for short is a little kitty with big soulful eyes. She was found as a stray in Bensalem where she walked into the apartment of a resident and laid right down on their bed. The residents couldn't keep her as they were allergic, and she found her way into a foster home with the . 

Grizzy is very small, weighing 7 pound, and is approximately one years old. She has been in her foster home since New Year's Day when her foster family found out she was pregnant. She had three wonderful babies–Bombalurina, Demeter and Bustopher Jones. She's been a perfect, attentive mom. Now, her babies are grown and she's looking for a family of her own.

She is playful, energetic, loving and sweet–it's hard to believe she was ever a stray. She is outgoing and friendly, even with strangers. She loves to "chirp" instead of meow, and will curl up by your feet at night while you sleep. She adores catnip and loves to play with toys, just like a kitten. 

Grizzy has perfect litter box habits and is meticulously clean. She is spayed, microchipped and current on all of her shots.Her favorite things are ear scratches, belly rubs and long conversations. Grizabella is best in a home without dogs and would love to be adopted along with one of her kittens. Come and visit this sweet feline and her kittens.


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