Newtown Square Leads Broomall in Charitable Giving

The Marple Newtown area combined gave $41.3 million in 2008.

On Monday, from the study "How America Gives," which showed how much people in Delaware County are giving in comparison to those in Montgomery and Chester counties.

Based on 2008 IRS tax records–the most recent year for which data is available–Delaware County residents gave 4.1 percent of their income, compared to an average of 3.9 percent across Pennsylvania and 4.7 across the entire United States. Delaware County ranked 66 out of 3,115 counties in the nation.

See how Broomall and Newtown Square stacked up against each other in regards to charitable giving.

Zip Code Town Name National Rank (out of 28,725 zip codes) Total Contributions

Median Household

Median Income Percent of
19008 Broomall


$10.4M $2,315 $65,179 3.6% 19073 Newtown Square 656
$30.9M $3,881 $80,823 4.8%

To break it down even further, here's how certain age groups in the Marple Newtown area are giving:

Zip Code Town Name Under 20 Ages 20-29

Ages 30-44

Ages 45-64 Ages 65 and Up 19008 Broomall


9.6% 15.7% 30.7% 21% 19073 Newtown Square 22.1% 8% 14.1% 32.6% 23.2% Delaware County 26.8% 13.2% 18.3% 27.5% 14.3% Pennsylvania 25% 13% 18.5% 28% 15.4% United States 27% 13.8% 19.8% 26.4% 13%


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